What Is The Best Holistic Dog Food?


So what is the best holistic dog food on the market? Every dog food company claims to have “the best” but how do you really know? You’ll find many definitions of “holistic dog food”. So what is it really?

Basically, a holistic dog food is one that is designed to nourish the entire system of your dog’s body as a means of promoting health and disease prevention.

That’s why it really pays to do your due diligence before you decide on a food for your fur baby. It’s that important to the overall life expectancy of your dog or puppy.

As they say, “we are what we eat” and that goes for your dog too. Watch the video below……….




TIP #1

Read The Ingredient List

The ingredient list is probably the best place to start when deciding on a dog food. It will give you a pretty good idea of what is in the food and what is NOT in the food. Be sure and look at the first five ingredients on the list. They tell a lot about the food and the quality of it.

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Make sure there is a quality protein in the first five ingredients, preferably the number one ingredient. Protein is the building block that is required for dogs to stay healthy and fit.

Actually two protein sources would be even better. Make sure it is something like chicken, chicken meal, or fish meal ( by the way, chicken and fish meal are both more concentrated sources of protein than plain chicken:-)


Tip # 2

Say No To By Products


You’ll see the word “by products” on many a bag of dog food that is sold today. So what is a by product and why should you stay away from it when it comes to feeding your dog? Well a “by product is basically what is referred to as “leftovers”. And that’s not the kind your Mom served you the next night after you had a big dinner. 

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Meat by products, for example, could include chicken feet, heads, feces and blood from the floor and possibly even sawdust. All the “leftovers” from where an animal was cleaned. Now that is not a pretty picture:-(  Fortunately dog food companies use the words “meat by products or “chicken by products” when they list it on the ingredient list.


Don’t you think this would be something you would like to know about before you purchased a bag of food for your dog? Remember, if it says the word, “by products” just say no thank you! A quality holistic dog food will be free of by products.

Note* By products could also come in the form of corn and wheat too.


Tip # 3

A Good Balance Is Key

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A holistic dog food should contain a balance of high quality proteins, essential carbs (veggies and fruits), omega 3 fatty acids, and fiber along with essential vitamins and minerals. Protein should be at least 26%.

Every ingredient that goes in to a holistic dog food has a reason behind it. The sum total of the ingredients provide quality nutrition to your dog to strengthen their entire body.

If you see a dog food and read the ingredients and it seems a little “top heavy” (First 5 ingredients are worthless carbs like wheat, corn, by products) then you will know at a glance that the food is not balanced.

Finding the best holistic dog food can be a challenge, but hopefully these tips will help make finding it a little bit easier. Wishing You All The Best!


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