Best Antioxidant Dog Treats~Life’s Abundance Made In The USA


Looking for the best antioxidant dog treats? After all the recalls on dog food and treats over the past year, it has become increasingly important for dog owners to really pay attention to what they are feeding their faithful friend. It really does pay to do your homework and find the best quality dog treats………preferably made in the USA.

Life’s Abundance antioxidant treats are definitely a wise choice for dog owners who are looking for a quality dog treat made here in the USA. Let’s face it, knowing your dog is eating an antioxidant dog treat made here in the USA can definitely help bring some peace of mind to concerned dog owners.

Lifes Abundance antioxidant dog treats

But lets face it, just because something is made in the USA, doesn’t mean it will be exempt from a recall. That’s why it is so important to know the company behind the product you are feeding your dog. There’s just too much junk out there in the marketplace and some of that junk can make your dog sick.

Life’s Abundance Antioxidant treats give your dog the protection of antioxidants plus they really taste good! They have nutritious ingredients like apples, peanut butter, honey and flaxseed to name a few. They are full of vitamin E and beta carotene too. It’s a great health snack for your dog and you can feel good about feeding them. Your dog will really love you for it too!

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