Best Dog Food For Overweight Dog…..Help!

In this short video, Dr. Sarah shows you how to tell if your dog is carrying too much weight, plus gives advice on the best dog food for an overweight dog and how to help them shed unwanted pounds.

 Best Dog Food For Overweight Dog from Life’s Abundance

Unfortunately, just like in humans, obesity is quite rampant in America’s pet population. When a dog has too much weight it places an extra burden on his organs and they can be at an increased risk for arthritis, diabetes and much more.

It can have a negative effect on a dogs quality of lfe and many times shorten it.

For the most part, dogs respond very well to simple weight-loss programs. Just by increasing your dog’s exercise and reducing the amount of calories he or she eats, you can help reduce your dog’s weight and the risk of health problems associated with obesity.

Life’s Abundance weight loss food has the perfect combination of nutrients to help your dog get rid of unwanted pounds, and keep them off.

Even after your dog has achieved his/or her desired weight, you can continue to use Life’s Abundance as a maintenance food to keep the weight off.

Lifes Abundance weightloss dog food

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