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Blue Dog Food Comparison………How Does It Stack Up Against Life’s Abundance?


Compare Blue Dog Food To Life's Abundance

Ask a pet parent and they have probably heard of Blue Dog Food. But ask one if they have ever heard of Life’s Abundance and they probably will say no. Companies like Blue Dog Food (which is part of the Blue Buffalo brand) spend A LOT of money advertising their food to the masses. You’ve probably seen the Blue Buffalo true blue test on TV. 

But, does that automatically mean that their food is the best? No, not always. In fact, when you take the test, you won’t see Life’s Abundance in the comparisons.

A pet parent needs to look beyond the TV and Internet ads and hype and ask themselves a couple of simple questions “what’s really IN the food?”  How do the ingredients stack up to other dog foods?

Let’s take Blue dog food, as an example, and compare it to Life’s Abundance dog food. You don’t see as much mass advertising for Life’s Abundance but does that mean it’s not as good of food as Blue?

No, quite the contrary. If you take a look at this Blue Dog Food Comparison you quickly learn that Life’s Abundance (which, by the way, has NEVER had a recall)  has three very important quality ingredients that Blue does not have in their food.

But, you would never know this if you did not take the time to compare dog food ingredients.

The point being, don’t let marketing and pretty packaging and cute dogs on the package drive your decision to purchase a certain dog food! Do your homework, your due diligence as a pet parent. Your dog is depending on you to make important decisions for him/or her.

So don’t just grab a bag of food at the store or online until you’ve done some research. Compare, Compare, Compare!


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