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Prepper Tips For Pets


In the 20th century, Americans were encouraged to guard against an ever-present Communist menace, even to go so far as to build underground fortifications to protect against an onslaught of nuclear weapons.

Modern-day preppers face a much bigger adversary – Mother Nature. With brutal winters, tornadic springs, fiery summers and a hurricane season that lasts for months, calamity seems ubiquitous in the news.

Before adversity strikes in your neighborhood, watch this video where Dr. Sarah offers her insights for how to avoid pandemonium in the wake of turmoil. Take this opportunity now to learn how to get your house in order, with helpful tips from our good doctor.

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Best Dog Food For Overweight Dog…..Help!

In this short video, Dr. Sarah shows you how to tell if your dog is carrying too much weight, plus gives advice on the best dog food for an overweight dog and how to help them shed unwanted pounds.

 Best Dog Food For Overweight Dog from Life’s Abundance

Unfortunately, just like in humans, obesity is quite rampant in America’s pet population. When a dog has too much weight it places an extra burden on his organs and they can be at an increased risk for arthritis, diabetes and much more.

It can have a negative effect on a dogs quality of lfe and many times shorten it.

For the most part, dogs respond very well to simple weight-loss programs. Just by increasing your dog’s exercise and reducing the amount of calories he or she eats, you can help reduce your dog’s weight and the risk of health problems associated with obesity.

Life’s Abundance weight loss food has the perfect combination of nutrients to help your dog get rid of unwanted pounds, and keep them off.

Even after your dog has achieved his/or her desired weight, you can continue to use Life’s Abundance as a maintenance food to keep the weight off.

Lifes Abundance weightloss dog food

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Breeder Dog Food Discount With Life’s Abundance

Are you a breeder and looking for a breeder dog food discount? Well, Life's Abundance has a new breeder program out that will give you some great discounts on your dog food, and at the same time, actually pay you every time you recommend Life's Abundance to your customers. It's actually a win win situation!
Let's face it, if you are a breeder who really cares about your dogs, then you need to be feeding the very best. Unfortunately the biggest reason many breeders don't feed the best is because of money, plain and simple. They want to buy the best but are just not able to.
Then there are all the recent dog food recalls that can make a breeder a little nervous about what to feed, much less, what they would recommend to their client and feel good about it!  Your customers trust your opinion when it comes to the safest and best dog food to buy.
Life's Abundance has never been on a dog food recall list due to its sound manufacturing practices over the years.
What if you could be part of a real dog food breeder program that would allow you to feed the best dog food , get a nice discount AND get paid each and every time your client buys the food you are feeding and recommending? And not just get paid one time, but month after month, year after year, as long a they continue to buy food!
Since 1999, Life's Abundance has helped hundreds of breeders become very financially successful with this program. It has given breeders the opportunity to feed and recommend the very best, and at the same time, receive a  recurring monthly income.
Watch this short video by staff veterinarian Dr. Sarah Wooten as she explains why this is a great opportunity for pet professionals.

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Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome

If your dog has been diagnosed with CDS or "Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome" , what can you do?

Or………… what if you want to be proactive and take steps now to decrease the likelihood that CDS will appear in your best friend’s golden years?

In this video, Dr. Sarah goes over recent advances in treatment and also prevention of canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

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Best Holistic Senior Dog Food

Looking for the best holistic senior dog food? Well, Life's Abundance is definitely a good choice for senior dog owners.

Our food is an "all life stages" food and has all the right nutrition for your senior dog. Feeding the right dog food will help to maintain both strength and help with mobility in senior dogs.

Best Holistic Senior Dog Food

Good nutrition is essential to maintain optimal health in an older dog.

Sometimes older dogs can tend to be overweight too so it is also helpful if the food you feed has L-Carnitine in it to help burn fat and speed up the metabolism as it can get slower as your dog ages. 

Dr. Sarah has some additional tips below on how to help your senior dog maintain their strength and mobility as they age.

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Vestibular Disease In Dogs

 Vestibular Disease Dogs from Life's Abundance

Have you ever noticed your dog leaning his head to one side, as if listening to something, for extended periods of time? Or worse, his eyes twitching or suddenly losing his balance? If so, he could be suffering from Canine Vestibular Disease, which is fairly common among older dogs.

The symptoms have led some to refer to sufferers as “Head-Tilt Harry”. Fortunately, this condition is generally not grave, but when it occurs, it can be very frightening for pet parents.

In this episode of Pet Talk, Dr. Sarah talks about the possible causes of Vestibular Disease in dogs and what you can do to minimize the symptoms.

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