Instinctive Choice Cat Food………For Our Furry Feline Friends

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We don’t need to leave our furry feline friends out when it comes to great pet food. Instinctive Choice canned cat food by Life’s Abundance is definitely a smart choice for cat owners and here are a few reasons why:


Cats naturally have a weak thirst drive because their feline ancestors aquired their liquid mostly from their prey.Instinctive Choice provides chicken broth as a fluid source which helps to promote a healthy urinary tract for your cat.

Instinctive Choice premium canned food does NOT contain carbohydrates which cats have a hard time digesting. The majority of this wet cat food is made up of high-quality proteins from organic chicken, turkey, chicken liver and shrimp.

 Instinctive choice cat food

The cats give it a thumbs (paws) up…………They love the taste of Instictive Choice premium cat food.

Instinctive Choice does NOT contain corn or corn gluten, wheat or wheat gluten, artificial colors or artificial preservatives.

Instinctive Choice does NOT contain corn or corn gluten, wheat or wheat gluten, artificial colors or artificial preservatives. It’s one of the healthiest cat food brands on the market.

The best canned cat food should always have omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, taurine, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Instinctive Choice is filled with a complete selection of these nutrients.

Cats absolutely crave grass and that’s because in the wild they consumed their prey along with the “grass” that was in its intestinal tract. Instinctive Choice contains dog grass.

Definitely the best canned cat food you can feed your cat!

Did you know a cat fed a high quality cat food can live up to 5 years longer than one that is not? Plus,it can sure help save on the vet bills:-) over time.

Buy Instinctive Choice Premium Canned Cat Food Click Here


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