Porkhide Bones For Puppies…………..A Safe And Healthy Alternative To Rawhide

 Note: Life’s Abundance no longer has porkhide bones BUT the good news is they now have Buffalo Bully Sticks made from free range, grass fed buffalo. Click Here for all the details.


puppiesPorkhide bones for puppies are a safe and healthy alternative to rawhide bones. Plus, puppies seem to love the taste!

So many of the rawhide bones these days are treated with things like bleach which you definitely would not want your little pup consuming.

Porkhide is also very digestible compared to rawhide. Rawhide can be harsh on the digestive system and there have been instances where puppies and even adult dogs have choked or had blockages from rawhide. And that can be scary!

Life’s Abundance has come out with a natural, oven baked pork skin bone that is completely free of harsh chemicals. They are 100% porkhide and made in the USA! These porkhide bones are full of protein and very low in fat. Life’s Abundance has designed the bones in several sizes to match the size of your dog’s mouth. 

Knowing that your dog is chewing on something safe and healthy definitely can give you peace of mind, especially with all the recalls on dog treats these days. Our dogs depend on us to make the best decisions for them when it comes to their food and treats. 

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