What Pet Food Stores Sell Life’s Abundance Dog Food?

Life's Abundance food is sold through distributors and can be purchased HERE

Life's Abundance does things a little bit differently than the average dog food company. We believe that when you receive your bag of dog food that it should be of the highest quality and that includes freshness.

Did you know that the average bag of dog food can sit in a warehouse for upwards to a year before it is even delivered to a store to be sold to you, the buyer? Yes, that is a fact and many dog owners don't know this.


Life's Abundance prides itself in the fact that:

We are a small company comprised almost entirely of pet parents and we are dedicated to improving the health and happiness of companion animals.

Life's Abundance is delivered to your door generally within six weeks of being made to ensure freshness.

Life’s Abundance is cooked quickly at low temperatures to help retain its high nutritional valueOur product formulator, Dr. Jane Bicks, DVM, is one of the nation’s leading holistic veterinarians.

Every single ingredient in every single product is chosen by Dr. Jane based on its quality and safety. We maintain strict inventory controls to ensure quality and safety.


Life's Abundance food is sold through distributors and can be purchased online CLICK HERE

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